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This series was shot in Zürich at the Streetparade, near to my hometown, at 10. August, in 2019.

The house and techno parade is one of the biggest electro-parties happening in Switzerland, once a year. Since 1992, when the fist Love Mobiles started rolling through the Zürcher Seefeldquartier, it has been a 24 hours rave in the name of tolerance. This mega event captivates hundreds of thousands of dance enthusiasts from all over the world.
I have chosen the electric pictures that sum up the spirit of this event:


It`a wonderful sparkle of joy, abuse, lust, and waste. There is an occurring sense of violence, like there is everywhere, where masses of people collapse together. But most of all: there is love. First of all: love about ourselves - about expressing ourselves. And there is a huge amount of love for others. Even for a day, no matter if driven by sweet liqueur of life or overwhelmed with the smell of a devils breath. This atmosphere results in capturing encounters and pictures.

It's about our urges and needs and the celebration of freedom. It`s about finding and losing. It`s about overtaking the spotlight and giving a fuck.

Most of the time: we are happy

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