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On the hunt for snapshots I noticed the spectacle of selfpresentation, increasingly at so called tourist hotspots.
I like to watch others and me filtering the world through the process of framing. My artistic work is always about confrontation. I try to get as close as possible to the motive, obviously in a way that it could provoke possible reactions to my „hunting behavior“.

My work automatically forces me to selfreflect.
I do not exclude myself in this spectacle by any means. I am a tourist in these places just like everyone else and I practice exactly the same behaviors.
The „Selfie“ as a popular time phenomenon to my generation is of great interest to me. It‘s something everyone can identify with, because we all „snap“ a more or less favorable picture of ourselves.
In the act of photographing that moment, the topic of the public and the private plays an interesting role. For what do we shoot these innumerable pictures, in front of the same motif, always with a different head posture? By definition, of course, to post it on social media. True to the motto: „Been there done that“. Apparently an important piece of evidence for each of us in this self-optimized digital society. So important, that the swiss airline Edelweiss has chosen the sentence as their advertising slogan.
I pay a little respect to all those invisible selfies behind the one that made it on Instagram by capturing and releasing at least one moment of the absurd „work process“ that each of us is doing.
In photography, I find especially the moment of „putting yourself next to the world“ worth archiving.
I spot the moment in which one sets oneself and one‘s surroundings in an idealized frame, and do the same by framing it with the medium of photography

I spent a lot of time observing and noticed that this „selfie-shooting“ is like a choreography to me. It is a miserably lon dance that can be captured much better in all its absurdity wit the format of the video.
Out of this fascination, my first moving image work emerged:

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